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Columbia River Gorge Drive Guides

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See the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge and learn how the various geologic layers and uplifts were exposed and reshaped by the Lake Missoula Flood to create the vivid scenery we see today.  


This all-day tour explores the unique geology in the Columbia River Gorge and features related to a remarkable history of cataclysmic Lake Missoula Ice Age Floods which resculpted the Gorge into the stunning beauty we see today. Stops include Columbia Park where huge basalt boulders rest which were torn from the Gorge; Troutdale Formation which shows the rapid deposition of these layers; Latourell Falls in an alcove carved by the Lake Missoula Flood; Multnomah Falls; the Mosier eddy bar with an erratic boulder; and Rowena Crest with its mima mounds.

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Geology of the Columbia River Gorge (South Side - Oregon) Driving Guide - $6.00

Geology of the Columbia River Gorge  (North Side - Washington) Driving Guide - $6.00

Drive guide for an all-day excursion which follows Highway 14 along the Columbia River Gorge and includes stops such as: a river-level view of Beacon Rock; Coyote Wall, a 200- foot high cliff that dips down to the Columbia River as part of a over 1,600 feet geo-syncline; Underwood gravels; and Catherine Creek Trailhead for a view of  mima mounds, and a natural arch created by the floods, and erratic boulders.