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Tualatin/Sherwood Ice Age History: Mega-floods & Mega-fauna  Driving Guide -  $6.00  

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A set of all seven (7) driving guides (one of each) for $35.00.

A savings of $7.00 on the set.

This set of  seven includes one of  each of the following drive guides: Portland/Vancouver,  Tualatin/Sherwood, Clackamas County,  Willamette Valley, Clark County, Columbia River Gorge - Oregon Side AND Columbia River Gorge - Washington Side.

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A half-day tour of Tualatin/Sherwood region.  Highlights include: Tonquin flood channels, Sherwood flood channel, Nyberg Creek Greenway flood channel, Koller wetlands and other kolk lakes and giant current ripples. A mastodon skeleton, tusk and molar as well as an ice age sloth vertebrate and other mega-fauna bones are seen at featured stops.