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The Effects of the Lake Missoula Flood in the NW Oregon and SW Washington areas.

(PowerPoint Presentations)

Rick is available to give his PowerPoint presentation which specializes on the effects of the largest of the Lake Missoula Floods in the NW Oregon and SW Washington areas.  He has spoken to various groups such as:  Ice Age Floods Institute, engineers, hydrologists, geologists, schools, tourism groups, symposiums, libraries, Rotary clubs and many more.

Rick uniquely combines his expertise on the path of the flood with his talent of mapping, illustrating and conveying the information in an artistic form that is revealing and easily understood.  As many attendees have said after his presentation: "I'll never look at this area the same again."  

He has led several field trips in the Columbia River Gorge, Portland, Vancouver and the Tualatin and Willamette Valleys.  His 20+ year study of the land forms of the area has given him a unique comprehension of the flow of the floodwaters and created a new view of several of the geologic formations.  He has not only the ability to see these effects but to relay them to others.

"Rick provided the expert eyes that brought the landscape features -- some of which I had seen before without realizing what they signified -- into sharp focus.  I had many an Aha! Moment."  

K. Anderson

            We have self-drive road guides from field trips Rick has led in the past.  See our store for purchase.

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