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Revealing the Monumental Effects of the
Largest of the Lake Missoula Floods


             The Glacial Lake Missoula Floods were some of the largest known floods on earth.  This is a website about the largest of those floods.  For over 40 years people refused to believe in the Lake Missoula Floods.  The evidence; however, was overwhelmingly clear and now it is accepted that over 500 cubic miles of water suddenly burst out of the Clark Fork River in northern Idaho, and rampaged across Central Washington and down the Columbia River to the Portland/Vancouver area.  It briefly

filled up the Tualatin Valley to the west of Portland; the Clackamas River Valley southeast of Portland; the Willamette Valley south of Portland as far as Eugene; and the Lewis River Valley north of Vancouver, Washington; to nearly 400 feet above sea level.  Then it rushed out to sea just as quickly as it had come in.

           Any event this devastating will leave lasting effects on the countryside.  The cliffs, truncated hillsides, gravel bars, channels and flood boulders that remain today are what this website is all about.

           There is far more that we do not know about the Lake Missoula Floods than we do know.  One lone geologist, J Harlan Bretz, first recognized the evidence about 100 years ago and the geologic establishment has only accepted it in the last 50 years.  The large areas involved (parts of four states and one province) make a thorough study difficult and time consuming.  In most cases, the researchers work within a day’s travel of where they live. Thus, no one person knows the big picture very well at all.  Instead, we have many people with good understanding of individual pieces of the puzzle, much like the proverbial blind men describing an elephant.

           We await the day of more research and more complete dissemination to present a fuller picture to a fascinated public.   What we are learning noware the effects it left behind.  As with any detective story, it will take time and effort by many people to uncover the whole Lake Missoula Flood story.

        Here I will share some of what I am learning about the greatest of the Lake Missoula floods, the Giga Flood.


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